Product of the Week: RollingFWD Vibrating Foam Roller

The RollingFWD high-tech vibrating foam roller is for athletes, physical therapy patients and anyone looking for alternative recovery methods after a full-body workout. Most of us are familiar with the traditional foam roller as a way to work out tightness and knots; RollingFWD is adding vibration for the additional benefits of increasing blood flow while simultaneously reducing pain.

The inventor behind RollingFWD has developed this product based on his own experiences with injury and physical therapy. With RollingFWD he has combined multiple therapeutic activities into a single product. “Everyone deserves the best therapies available to feel good and perform at our highest potential. RollingFWD’s mission is to help all of us (professional athletes, weekend warriors, fitness & wellness enthusiasts) take care of our bodies and continue to do the activities we love.”

After three years and six prototypes the team behind RollingFWD has perfected their product design. The time and commitment already invested, coupled with extensive market testing, shows that RollingFWD is ready to become a leader in this niche market.

Learn more about RollingFWD on Kickstarter and the official website.


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June 2024

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