Product of the Week: Dobot Robotic Arm

Makers, educators and anyone with an interest in robotics is going to get excited about the Dobot Robotic Arm on Kickstarter. This robotic arm has been designed to be both a learning tool and a home assistant. Dobot is versatile and can draw, write, text, move objects and grab things following your orders. You are also able to mount a 3D printer head onto it and use it for 3D printing. Controlling Dobot is extremely simple, equiped with seven different control options, including: PC, mobile APP, EEG, voice, vision, leap motion and gestures, whichever suits your needs the best. It almost begs the question, Is there anything the Dobot can’t do?

Dobot“Dobot is the world’s first high precision robotic arm at consumer grade. It features industrial scale accuracy and stability, intuitive and versatile controls, all at a highly competitive price.” For our educator friends, imagine the excitement your students would exude when you brought this into the classroom. This would be a hands-on activity where students could study both robotics technology and coding. For our maker friends, this open source  robotic arm has nearly limitless potential to assist with projects. The team behind Dobot are makers themselves, and have really honed in on the wants and needs of the maker community.

 Dobot has far exceeded it’s original funding goal on Kickstarter and it’s easy to see why. The Dobot team has spent time not only developing a (cool) robotic arm, but a robotic arm that can be used by everyone. You do not need a strong technical background to get going with the Dobot. The exceptional product development and design of the Dobot sets it apart from the competition.

Learn more about Dobot on Kickstarter.


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May 2024

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