Product of the Week: G-RO Carry-On Luggage

The holidays are upon us, and for many that means packing up, heading to the airport and hopping on a plane. In honor of the busiest travel day of the year (this week) we are featuring G-RO carry-on luggage, because this one piece of luggage changes everything. The luggage industry has not experienced meaningful innovation in decades, and that has left many travelers feeling frustrated, since their needs have evolved and continue to evolve. It’s no secret that people are traveling more, whether for a weekend getaway, work or to visit family; as a society we are a lot more mobile and we need luggage that can keep up.

G-ROThe inventors behind G-RO travel (a lot), and have built a bag that makes traveling easier, which is no small feat. “We all know travel can be a hassle. The more you do it, the more tiring and frustrating it becomes. To get from here to there, too many of us depend on inferior bags, travel gear and accessories.” 

The innovative design of the G-RO starts with the re-designed wheel. Gone are the dinky wheels that break easily. The G-RO patented wheel design is much larger then we are used to seeing, which means they can accommodate varying terrain, make your bag feel lightersince the center of gravity is shiftedand last longer.

The design for the rest of the carry-on bag is just as functional. The aircraft-grade aluminum handle is longer and stronger. It extends six inches further than the industry standard, which stops at multiple levels for people of all heights. All materials used are built to lastballistic nylon, aerospace grade polymers and top quality YKK nylon zippers. The space inside the bag is designed to be easily accessible and compartmentalized to keep electronics safe. With the optional electronic module, you can turn your carry-on into a mobile workstation. The battery can quickly charge your phone or tablet and its location tracker means that your bag will never be lost.

The extensive time and energy that went into the product development of G-RO is evident throughout the entire design. The extremely successful Kickstarter campaign shows that we are definitely not the only people that believe the smart design of this carry-on makes for an ideal travel companion.

Learn more about G-RO on Kickstarter.


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