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industrial_design-handleAs a product development firm we receive weekly inquiries from entrepreneurs looking to develop their idea. We love speaking with these entrepreneurs because their enthusiasm is contagious! There is always one question that comes up most often and early in the conversation, “How much will it cost to develop my idea?”While this indeed is extremely important, there are some additional pieces of information we, and any product development firm, will need about your idea before we can answer it. Discussing the below questions will not only help us provide a quote, but they also give us a better idea on the entire product development timeline as well.

  • Do you have 2D or 3D CAD drawings for your idea?
  • Have you defined the functional aspects of your product?
  • Have you built an initial prototype?
  • Do you know what materials you would like to use?

It is alright to not have firm answers to all of these questions yet, we will discuss them further in our initial conversation.

Going from “idea to product” is always exciting! If you are interested in developing a product, let’s schedule a time to chat, so we can begin collaboration on a ‪‎design‬ plan. We can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at +1.808.722.8667 We look forward to talking to you!


3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

Startup Connector is a Manufacturing Accelerator helping companies commercialize—turning ideas into products.

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