Product of the Week: Skybuds

Just as portable music devices have transformed over the last few decades, so have the headphones that accompany them. The trend towards smaller and more portable headphones has led to revolutionary designs. Skybuds is one such company looking to update and modernize the way we listen to our music. While Skybuds aren’t the first wireless earbuds to hit the market, they might be the first truly wireless set. With Skybuds you are not swapping your headphone or earbud cord with a set of charging cords. These tiny earbuds simply charge and store within a patented iPhone case. Now you can enjoy the convenience of wireless earbuds without the hassle of remembering to plug them in and charge them each night.

skybudsThe Skybuds iPhone case speaks volumes about truly innovative product development. The slim case has two charging ports at its base for the earbuds as well as a backup battery. This extra battery means that your earbuds can be fully charged and the life of your phone battery can be extended. The Skybuds app will also monitor your phone battery and the Skybuds charge, letting you know when a recharge for one or both is in order.

Skybuds have seamlessly integrated Bluetooth technology as well. This means that you can take calls with them and pair them with other Bluetooth enables devices, such as a tablet or TV.  Skybuds are earbuds, but they do so much more… With Skybuds you receive premium wireless earbuds, a case for your iPhone, a battery pack for your iPhone and a Bluetooth headset, all without extra cords or clutter.

Learn more about Skybuds on Kickstarter.


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June 2024

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