Product of the Week: Waylens Automotive Camera System

Whether you are a racing enthusiast, an off-road warrior or solely interested in capturing thrilling weekend getaways, the Waylens camera is the perfect partner. This beautifully designed camera captures, manages and stores all of your best memories from behind the wheel. The advanced data sensor suite brings a new dimension to your videos and enables you to highlight and share the best moments of the trip.

waylens_camera“The Waylens camera overlays real-time performance data on top of high quality video empowering drivers to tell fuller, more compelling stories. The free companion mobile app enables users to quickly identify and share their most interesting moments hidden within hours of footage.” The Waylens app seamlessly connects your car camera with your smartphone, which makes for quick video editing, playback and social network sharing. Gone are the days of sifting through hours of video.

Features of the Waylens Automotive Camera System:

  • OBD-II & Remote. Pre-paired OBD-II connector and steering wheel remote.
  • Sensor Suite. 10Hz GPS, 9-axis motion sensor and barometer.
  • OLED Retina Display. A perfectly circular, 286ppi display extends your dashboard with the most relevant in-time information.
  • Data Overlay. Sensor & car performance data are automatically overlaid on video to tell a more compelling driving story.
  • Easy Video Editing. Data-driven editing – easily searching & selecting the best moments from hours of driving footage.
  • One Touch Upload. Instantly share a moment worth bragging with your social network from the road with one simple touch.

The time invested and attention to detail that went into its product development is evident. Four generations of prototypes have enabled the designers test features, maximize the design and ultimately deliver the best product possible. This small camera is capturing the full-story of your behind the wheel experience and enabling you to share it for years to come.

Learn more about Waylens on Kickstarter or the official website.


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May 2024

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