Product of the Week: 3DSimo Mini

Quite simply the 3DSimo is the ultimate tool for makers. We know that the aforementioned statement is bold, but we have yet to see such a small (and well designed) tool with so much power and flexibility. While 3D printing pens are popular, this tool goes beyond and incorporates additional functionality. The 3DSimo fits comfortably in your hand and can be used for 3D printing, soldering, engraving, burning, foam cutting and much more. Makers can use any standard 1.75 mm filament, which means there is both flexibility and numerous material possibilities.

3Dsimomini“The 3DSimo mobile app gives you control over the temperature and speed so you can work with different and sometimes totally new materials. The FREE Android and iOS app connects to your Mini via Bluetooth. The 3DSimo app allows you to adjust the temperature, speed and different material profiles with precision. The app will also provide you with instructional videos, templates to print and regular software updates.”

According to Atmel, an American-based manufacturer and major backer of the Maker Movement, 135 million U.S. adults are Makers and USA Today reports that Makers fuel business, pouring some $29 billion into the world economy each year. The Maker Movement is already quite large and continues to grow at a rapid pace. The 3DSimo Mini is one tool that makers should add to their ever expanding toolbox.

Learn more about the 3DSimo Mini on Kickstarter and the official website.


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June 2024

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