Product of the Week: The BevPod Slim Cooler

Lately traditional coolers have undergone a major redesign to fit our active lifestyles. We have witnessed the Coolest Cooler find enormous Kickstarter success through a completely re-imagined design and, here at 3D Innovations, we have assisted Sachi Kitchenware’s development of the Pupu Cooler, which is compact and great for transporting snacks. There is no denying that coolers are rapidly transforming.

bevpodThis week we decided to feature another innovative cooler, the BevPod. This cooler is extremely thin and easy to transport, which are two uncommon characteristics of most other coolers. Measuring in at just 3 inches wide and weighing only 3 lbs. means this cooler can easily fit into a backpack or tote. The BevPod  would be great for a trip to the beach, an afternoon at the park or the day at a sporting event. “The slim cooler leverages insulating materials that are rigid and hold form so that your drinks don’t roll around and the custom ice pack is designed to complement the cooler and slip right into place. A water-resistant lining inside BevPod makes for quick cleanup after a day of fun!”

Learn more about the BevPod on Kickstarter! You can also follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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May 2024

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