Product of the Week: Buhel SOUNDglasses

These sunglasses are like nothing we have seen before! The Buhel SOUNDglasses enable hands-free communication without wires or an ear piece. At first glance you cannot even tell that they are so high-tech, but that is part of the beauty of them. SOUNDglasses “allow you to listen to music or audio from a multitude of sources thanks to the innovative Bone Conduction Technology (BCT)”. These sunglasses keep your ears free of any device, which means you are still completely aware of your surroundings. As we know, traditional earbud technology cuts down on your awareness and increases your chance for an accident.

buhel“With this amazing product you can easily make and receive phone calls via bluetooth, listen to music without earphones or earbuds, communicate with GPS systems and other electronic devices and be able to hear surroundings sounds like voices traffic, alarms etc.”

Within 48 hours on Kickstarter the $80,000 goal for the Buhel SOUNDglasses was met (we aren’t the only ones impressed with them and this technology)!

Learn more about the Buhel SOUNDglasses on Kickstarter or the official Atellani website. You can also follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.


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May 2024

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