Product of the Week: ITSPHUN – Make Geometric Art

itsphun1ITSPHUN, is an acronym for Interlocking Triangles Squares Pentagons and Hexagons Using Notches and promises a lot of fun. This product is a geometric construction kit for math education and creative play. ITSPHUN teaches children mathematical concepts in a creative, visually inspiring and intuitive manner.

“The constructs are eye catching and decorative and the open-ended system will keep everybody interested for a long time. The geometric construction ideas included in each kit can serve as inspiration and challenge but you will have fun building your own, unique structures. Just by playing, you will discover symmetry rules, recognize and follow given patterns and invent new ones.”

Here are 3D Innovations we are always interested in products that make STEM education more interactive and engaging for children and ITSPHUN seems to do just that. It can be challenging for teachers and parents to bring geometry “to life” but hands on activities like this are guaranteed to intrigue and inspire.


“In classroom or at home, ITSPHUN can be used to sharpen spatial visualization ability and explore geometric concepts such as length, area, angles, polygons, polyhedra, etc. in a fun and visually inspiring way. Counting strategies and combinatorial formulas can be introduced by counting faces, edges and vertices.”

ITSPHUN has won two Maker Faires Editor’s Choice awards and a Best in Show ribbon for Education. View a complete list of the company’s accomplishments on Kickstarter.

Learn more about ITSPHUN on Kickstarter, the official website or Facebook!

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