Product of the Week: mDrawBot

This 4-in-1 robotics kit would be a great project for a robotics class or a weekend project at home. mDrawBot is a 4-in-1 drawing robot kit, that can be assembled into 4 different configuration drawing robots: mScara, mSpider, mEggBot and mCar. All four of these robots can draw on different surfaces and the best part is that build time is about an hour. This is one of those kits that can really spark a love for engineering in children because of its interactive nature.


  • mScara is a SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) driven by stepper motors. If you install a pen on mScara, it can draw pictures on a flat surface. Replacing the pen with a laser diode, it can turn into a desktop laser engraver.
  • mSpider is a drawing robot which can draw pictures on a wall or a white board.
  • Just in time for Easter, the mEggBot is designed to draw on things that are improbable to print on, such as eggs. It can be used to write letters or to draw expressions on eggs.
  • mCar is a three-wheel robot car. It contains two stepper motor drive wheels and a ball caster wheel. It can draw its own movement tracks on the surface. If you install a chalk instead of a pen, it can draw on the floor.

Learn more about the mDrawBot robotics kit on Kickstarter or the Makeblock website. You can also connect with the company on Facebook and Twitter.


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