Product of the Week: OneBowl

IMG_2976-EditMany of us know someone that is about to enter their first year in college and we are wondering what send-off gift to give them. This featured product on Kickstarter might just be the answer, OneBowl. This single bowl lets you cook, strain and eat all of your favorite noodle dishes without the mess or hassle of numerous pots and pans.

While we know that noodles are usually the staple of a college kid’s diet, this bowl can also be used to wash and strain fruits and vegetables, cook oatmeal and other meals.

On the OneBowl Kickstarter page you can also view the evolution of the OneBowl and how 3D CAD and 3D printing helped bring this idea to life!

Learn more about OneBowl on Kickstarter, the official website, Facebook & Twitter!


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