Product of the Week: Sa (The Umbrella Reimagined)

Fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner. Many of us will be pulling out our umbrellas to fend of the rain and snow in the upcoming months. We have all struggled with frustrating umbrella issues and know that they can be a pain at times due to the complex wire frame and material that easily rips. The Sa is reimaging the traditional umbrella and aiming to make umbrella complications a thing of the past.

saSa “does away with the traditional skeleton and mesh umbrella structure, for a much more modern and efficient design. Beyond it’s completely new canopy design, the Sa also innovates with its environmentally conscious material choices, has a completely innovative internalized handle mechanism and magnetic closure system.” The traditional umbrella design has been past due for an updated design and it seems as though these two product designers have done just that and in a very innovative manner.

“Like origami, The Sa uses planar tension to generate its form. The inner and outer canopies expand and contract in unison to open and close the umbrella. This new design allows the umbrella to be lighter, since it does not need the added weight of an inner metal skeleton. Also, since there are no exposed, moving components, the umbrella is stronger and will last longer. Furthermore, since the material is flexible when not in tension, it can easily bounce back into shape, even when exposed to high winds.”

Learn more about the Sa on Kickstarter! You can also follow the parent company Nooka on Facebook and Twitter.

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