Product of the Week: SharkStopper

As a company that is located in Hawaii we have a special interest in ocean related products. We recently came across the SharkStopper on Kickstarter and were intrigued by the technology and the fact that this product uses a multi-patented design to repel sharks without harming them.

“SharkStopper was founded on the belief that people deserve the ability to be protected from sharks when enjoying the open waters – in the most humane, green and civilized way possible.”


We found that technology behind the SharkStopper to be ingenious. “It is widely agreed in the scientific community that killer whales, sharks’ main predator, communicate using a variety of complex sounds. The sounds emitted by SharkStopper emulate the sounds of killer whales in conjunction with our patented frequency overlay. Our frequency, combined with sharks’ natural fear of their main predator, keeps the sharks at a safe distance.”

If you are an open water enthusiast you are going to want to learn more about this product and its innovative design.

Learn more about the SkarStopper through the Kickstarter campaign, the official website, Facebook and Twitter. (*The Kickstarter campaign ends October 4th.)

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