Product of the Week: Stikey Portable Smartphone Stand

In today’s world many of us rely on our smartphone on a daily basis. Whether we use it for scheduling, directions or to keep in touch with loved ones, our phone is never far from our hands. This week our featured Product of the Week, Stikey aims to simplify the way we all use our smartphone while enhancing the overall experience. This small, portable and discreet device works as a smartphone stand as well as a cable tidy. Also, the magnetic mount for the Stikey means that you can place your smartphone on any surface where it would be convenient to have it at eye level.

stickey“Stikey is a portable, magnetic stand for smartphones (android, iOS & windows) that works equally well on portrait and landscape orientation. Stikey also works with iPad mini and other similar tablets on landscape orientation. Ideal for typing and watching movies!” This product is clever and very practical for our everyday life.

The designers went a step further with their product design and developed a package for Stikey that is both functional and sustainable. “We believe that product packaging should not be an afterthought and treated as potential waste.” We really appreciate the way in which this design team created both an innovative product and well-thought-out packaging for it.

Learn more about Stikey on Kickstarter and the official website!


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June 2024

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