Product of the Week: The Orbit1 Tabletop Electroplater

Do you find yourself wanting to take your 3D prints to the next level? The Orbit1 is an efficient, easy-to-use electroplating device that coats your 3D print in metal. Not only does your print automatically look polished but the coating adds strength as well. The brilliance behind the Orbit1 is both in its ability to coat your product and its true ease of use; In just three simple steps you can be on your way to a truly one-of-a-kind product. This tabletop electroplater has made a once (very) complicated process easy. “Using Orbit1, you can coat your works in metal, even gold, in three steps. First, clean and polish your object, next spray the conductive paint, then click start. Orbit1 will metallize your design, empowering you with the Midas touch from your tabletop. Orbit1 is a step forward in the 3D printing world.”

orbit1The affordability of the Orbit1 makes it ideal for consumer 3D printing. “Makers, jewelers, engineers, designers, scientists, tinkerers, and artists have all been longing for a simple way to refine their 3D printed objects. Here comes the smart and speedy solution. Applicable to jewelry design, industrial design, rapid prototyping, mechanical parts, specialty electrical parts, molding/casting kits, and more.” Also, with the the Oribit1 app on your phone you can directly monitor the coating process and receive real time reminders. It is evident that the Orbit1 was designed to be truly innovative and user-friendly.

Learn more about the Orbit1 on Kickstarter and the official website.


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May 2024

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