Product of the Week: TWEAK

We truly love products that make living your everyday life that much simpler and hassle free. We found the TWEAK on Kickstarter and had one of those “man that’s genius” moments, so of course we had to feature it as our Product of the Week! TWEAK is a drain cover for your kitchen or bathroom sink that allows you to dispose of the waste without touching it. How many times have you found yourself grabbing soggy food out of the kitchen sink, thinking that there has to be a better (and cleaner) way?


“TWEAK doesn’t just keep your kitchen sink draining smoothly, but solves the problem of scooping cold leftovers out of the sink with your bare fingers. There are so many products, most of them are truly original, but only a few of them are actually better. We started working on tweak as students. Our main goal was to avoid touching the waste while removing it.”

You can also find TWEAK on Facebook!

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May 2024

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