Product of the Week: VIER Bike Lock

The number one incentive for bike theft is an unlocked bike.

VIER is a compact high security bike lock with an innovative design. These days it seems like more people are opting to use their bike as a primary or secondary mode of transportation, and you definitely want to keep your bike secure when you are away from it. This lock has a great design, exceptional functionality and is compact and discrete (when packed away).

vierVIER’S unique design features two locking bodies that interlock with two straight shackle sections. You get all the security of a U-Lock but in a convenient compact form.

“Our main goal was to design a lock with the same level of security as a U-lock but in a compact form. VIER will protect your bike against lock picking, prying, hacksaws and bolt cutters.”

“Our lock has been tested at 1.5 tons of pull strength, which makes most manual means of breaking the lock dang tough. Most bike thieves target bikes that are unlocked or locked up with cable or chain locks that take seconds to cut. On the most part high quality U-locks are just too much work but given the right opportunity any bike is at risk. We recommend using the VIER lock and a cable for wheels and other items and park your bike in well lit high traffic areas.”

Visit the VIER Kickstarter campaign or learn more about the company on their website. VIER is also on Facebook!

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May 2024

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