Product of the Week: Zero Waste Cap

Many innovative products are solutions to problems that we experience every day; Zero Waste Cap is one of these solutions. How many times have you caught yourself throwing away a bottle of lotion because the pump has quit working? You know there is more lotion inside but the hassle it takes to retrieve the lotion usually doesn’t seem worth it, so you recycle the lotion bottle and head out to buy a new one. The Zero Waste cap is an adaptable cap that solves this problem completely.

zerowaste“Zero Waste Cap is designed to easily thread on the necks of lotion bottles you find at local stores. Zero Waste Cap transforms a lotion pump bottle into one with a flip top cap that can be balanced upside down on the cap. Once sitting upside down gravity pulls the lotion toward the cap so it’s easy to remove.”

This adaptability design of the Zero Waste Cap makes this product truly unique.

Learn more about Zero Waste Cap on Kickstarter and the official website.


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December 2023

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