Product of the Week: The Airhook

Traveling anymore is quite complicated, and to make matters worse, seat size and legroom is quickly diminishing to make room for additional rows of seats. Maximizing your amount of seat space is necessary for a comfortable journey. The Airhook is a small device that clips onto your locked tray table and holds both your tablet or phone at eye level as well as a drinking cup. This one device allows you to enjoy additional legroom by completely eliminating the need for a tray table.

airhook“The Airhook is a patent-pending two part system: a stable drink holder and a secure hook to mount your electronic device. Travelers needs have changed since airplane tray tables were designed decades ago, and vertical use of the tray table allows for a more comfortable flying experience.”

The design of the Airhook is relatively simple, yet it is solving a major problem. Dare we say that this device could be solving the legroom problem once and for all? We can definitely see why this product has been wildly successful on Kickstarter. As an engineering firm we know that perfecting a design takes time, and on the Airhook Kickstarter page you can view the different prototypes they experimented with before landing on this final design.

Learn more about The Airhook on Kickstarter or the official website.


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July 2024

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