Product of the Week: Anton Strainer Bowl

antonThe Anton strainer bowl aims to thoroughly clean your produce and eliminate the hassle of using (and cleaning) multiple dishes when cooking. The ingenious product design of this strainer allows you to reduce your water usage by 60% when properly cleaning your produce. With the Anton strainer bowl you no longer need to strain your produce and pasta in the bottom of the sink, but can instead leave it firmly on the kitchen counter; thus reducing the chance to bacteria contamination.

“We designed the Anton strainer bowl with the intention of having a sculptural object with a smooth handle that allows the liquid to be drained with a simple tilt. The handle allows you to drain the water on your own terms – in a sink, a cup or in a plant. Imagine that, a kitchen implement that allows you to be environmentally responsible twice. It fits beautifully on the counter and easily in the fridge or in the dishwasher.”

On the Kickstarter page you can view the CAD renderings of the Anton strainer bowl along with images of the prototype being 3D printed. We love seeing great design come to life!

Learn more about the Anton Strainer Bowl on Kickstarter or the official website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube!


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June 2024

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