Product of the Week: Coordimate

Here at 3D Innovations we are big proponents of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. We understand the importance of STEM subjects and the need to encourage more students to enter STEM fields after college. On Kickstarter we recently came across a product, Coordimate, that will take some of the “grunt work” out of math, economics and engineering classes. This ingenious product quickly and accurate prints out a Cartesian graph so you can spend more time solving the problem and less time worrying about the design of your graph. We all know how critical accuracy can be when solving math equations and the Coordimate would be a great companion to have to ensure the most accurate answer. This product would be fantastic for middle school students and all the way up to graduate students.

coordimate“I wanted to create a tool that could produce a Cartesian graph with the push of a button, as an alternative to redrawing it over and over again.” Five prototypes later and the Coordimate is now ready for production.

Learn more about Coordimate on Kickstarter and the official website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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