Product of the Week: MeArm

We always have our eye out for activities that make STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education fun and accessible. On Kickstarter we came across MeArm, a pock sized industrial robot arm, that is built and programmed by the user. The developers have made this kit simple enough to be put together with a screwdriver but with its open source design files you can also move into more advanced levels of robotics. This is a terrific way to introduce children to engineering and robotics!

MmearmeArm would be a fantastic product to introduce robotics in a home or school setting. “Apart from being something that’s small, cool and attractive the MeArm is a miniature version of an industrial robot arm. So while it’s simple enough to build and use with a child on a rainy Sunday afternoon – it can also be used at more advanced levels of education to teach real robotics.”

You can follow the MeArm campaign on Kickstarter, the official website and Facebook!


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April 2024

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