Product of the Week: Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil

We know what you might be thinking, really a mechanical pencil for the Product of the Week, but with a motto like “A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You A Lifetime” we had to stop and take notice. Many of us, especially engineers, use a mechanical pencil every day and don’t give much thought to it. When our pencil breaks we just reach in the desk drawer and pull out a new one while tossing the old one right into the trash can. The engineer behind the Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil got to thinking about all of the plastic and waste filling up our planet because of the high turnover of mechanical pencils and he knew there had to be a better way.

modern fuel mechanical pencil“The project started when I noticed I was using packs and packs of mechanical pencils at work as disposable items. I set out to design a mechanical pencil that would reduce the waste, be a testament to U.S. manufacturing and design, and not break the bank. Having a single mechanical pencil that replaces the endless packs of plastic that end up sitting it landfills and floating in our oceans has to be a good thing.”

The Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil is made from a single piece of metal and has been re-engineered so that there are less parts (thus reducing the chance for breaks). The design behind this pencil is spectacular; the clean lines and sleek design really make it stand out.

Learn more about the Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil on Kickstarter, the official website and Twitter!


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May 2024

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