Product of the Week: PhillUp

With little ones around the house dishes, clutter and overall messiness seems to multiply at an exponential pace. The PhillUp, a hangable kid cup, aims to cut down on dishes and kitchen clutter. This color coded cup can be attached safely and securely on your refrigerator or other hard surface so that kids can have access to it (to both use it and put it away). We really appreciate how this design team saw an everyday problem and took the steps to remedy it. This really is how most brilliant products get their start.

phillup“It all starts with an idea…an idea that life could be made to be more simple and less cluttered. At Puj, we strive to design products that are so simple and so clever that when people see them for the first time they will say, ‘That is brilliant!’.  We are happy to say, we think we have done it again with PhillUp. This system grew out of our experience with kids leaving out cups and covering the counter tops despite our best efforts.”

On the PhillUp Kickstarter page you can also see how many prototypes and design changes were made until they landed on this design. The dedication really shows in the final product.

Learn more about PhillUp on Kickstarter or the Puj website. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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June 2024

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