Product of the Week: Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen

futuremakeHappy 2015! We thought we would kick off 2015 with an extremely innovative product of the week, the Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen by Future Make. In the past two years we have seen a few other 3D printing pens hit the market but the Polyes pen really stands out in this niche segment. Polyes is not only convenient but the technology behind this pen makes it safe for children to use. Polyes uses photo-polymer as ink, which solidifies under the LED light and thus reduces odor and high temperatures. If you are a very visual person who wants to bring an idea to life or are looking for a fantastic tool for your children the Polyes could be your solution.

“Polyes has all the capabilities of 3D printing pens without the pitfalls. From the totally safe and cool nozzle to sleek, optimally-proportioned white body, the pen is as easy to use as it is versatile. Are you the sort of person who likes to think big? Are you a fan of architecture maybe? You can build anything from a small house outline to the Medieval Castle!”

Learn more about the Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen on Kickstarter or the official Future Make website. You can also follow the company and their Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!


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