Product of the Week: Sarvi Dock

sarviIt seems that we cannot go anywhere without our cell phones these days. Whether we are tied to our phones for work reasons, family reasons or because it holds all the details of our life, the fact is that cell phones today are intertwined into our daily lives and routines. Sarvi Dock is a cell phone docking system that fits your life. It can be frustrating to remove your phone case each time you need to dock or charge your phone. This docking system is elegantly designed to allow your phone to stay in its case while being docked. The sleek and unobtrusive design of the Sarvi Dock makes this product really stand out.

“Sarvi Dock was the first dock designed with cases as the main focus. We found that today most people use protective cases of different sizes to safeguard their devices. Finding a dock to fit protective cases can be difficult if not impossible. This is why we created Sarvi Dock – a charge and sync dock that works with any smartphone or tablet, in portrait or landscape orientation virtually any case and cable.”

You can learn more about the way in which this docking system has been engineered and see a range of prototypes on the Sarvi Dock Kickstarter page or the official company website.


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July 2024

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