Prototyping: Unleash Your Creativity

prototypingPrototyping is one of the first stages of developing an idea and launching a startup. This is a chance for you to cultivate your idea while also engaging your creative side. We have seen many forms of initial idea formation and prototypes—everything from napkin sketches to prototypes configured from household items. While these will certainly not been your final functional or pre-production prototypes, engaging your creative side in this manner helps you clarify your idea, explain it to others, and bring it to life.

Things to consider when you are building an initial homemade prototype:

  • Experiment with materials. Different materials mean changes in weight and structure. Are you looking for light-weight materials or is weight not a big concern?
  • Test out its size. Is this going to be a hand held or free standing product? What do you envision as the optimal size? Remember that you don’t need exact measurements yet, just an estimate.
  • Narrow down the functional elements. What parts are functional? How does this functionality set it apart from the competition?
  • Present it to friends and family. Use your handmade prototype to share with friends and family. Explain your idea and ask for their feedback. This early customer feedback can help your clarify and further develop your idea.

Making a prototype by hand is a great way to get started! Remember that there are no rules and no limits. Use this development stage as a way to experiment. Look around your house and see if you can find materials to put together your first prototype. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be ‘pretty’ and most certainly doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. Once you are ready to get started on a functional prototype, send us an e-mail ( or give us a call (+1.808.722.8667).


3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

Startup Connector is a Manufacturing Accelerator helping companies commercialize—turning ideas into products.

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