The Single Most Important Piece Of Advice A Startup Needs To Hear

Starting a business is hard and each business comes with its own unique set of challenges; however, there are universal pieces of advice that span industry, geography, and demographics. We recently sat down with 3D Innovations Founder, Collin Kobayashi, to discuss startups and the best piece of advice entrepreneurs need to hear. While Collin has vast experience starting and managing 3D Innovations, he has recently embarked on another venture, co-founding Startup Connector, a manufacturing accelerator here in Honolulu, Hawaii. With both companies he has had the privilege of working with visionary entrepreneurs and assisting them in the launch of their startups. Through his many meetings and time around entrepreneurs, like himself, he has found one piece of advice to be crucial for success, “Never underestimate the power of persistence”.

goalThis piece of advice reaches into every single aspect of starting a business, from market research to funding. In terms of market research, whether you are developing software or hardware, understanding the market you are creating a product for is critical. Be persistent in your research of the market and take the time to meet with various experts in the field. Validating your product is critical, and validation is best when it comes from both your target market and other technical experts. Have meetingslots of meetingswith potential mentors, experienced entrepreneurs and development experts in your industry.

Funding is another hurdle almost every startup faces, and here persistence will also serve you well. Whether it is gaining the attention of VCs or applying for funding, you need to be steadfast, determined and persistent. It might take some time to get meetings with the right people in place, but keep pushing forward until you get a response. Always remember, that if one door closes, seek to open others.

What is the single best piece of business advice you have been given?


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