Supporting STEM Education Through Robotics


Robotics have proven to be a great way to grab the attention of middle and high school students and ignite their curiosity while simultaneously sparking a love for engineering. Designing, building and operating robots involves a lot of hands-on activities (which students love) and the chance to see a project through from beginning to end.

The US Army understands that robotics help students realize their engineering potential, which is why they are a sponsor of the popular VEX Robotics Competition. (View the US Army press release.) The VEX Robotics competition is the largest middle school and high school robotics program in the world. There are over 9,000 teams from 28 countries which participate.

“Robots are a proven way to get kids interested in engineering. The VEX platform combines standardized parts with flexibility in design to enable students to be creative without having to start from scratch.”

The US Army has long embraced technology and some of the fastest growing fields in the Army are STEM related. There is great potential in getting students acclimated to engineering for public and private sector jobs. Although not all students are expected to go on to become engineers, there is value to the curiosity and practical skills this competition fosters.

For further information about the US Army and the VEX Robotics Competition view: The US Army supports STEM through robotics on


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April 2024

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