The Top Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Printing

Below are some of the most common 3D printing questions we hear and, we wanted to make sure that we made the answers available to anyone interested in additive manufacturing for their product.

  1. How much does it cost to 3D Print something?3D Printer

The cost for a 3D Printed part is based on the amount of volume (size) of the part and the type of material being used.  These costs are generally different for each material type.

  1. What kinds of materials are available?

The materials that can be used with 3D Printers today is rapidly evolving.  The most common material used for 3D Printing is ABS, PLA, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Rubber like material, Paper, Wax, Carbon Fiber, Ceramic, Powder, and various Metals.  Each type of 3D Printing technology will utilize a different material.  Certain printers can also produce multi-materials in a single build.

  1. How long does it take to print?

Build times are based on the volume (size) of the part.  Different 3D Printing technologies have various build times.  Small parts can print as quickly as 15 minutes while larger parts can take the entire day to build.  In some cases, build times can be reduced by re-orienting the part in your printing software.

  1. How durable are the parts?

Finished parts are generally durable and can withstand normal handling.  If you are using them for functional design, FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) parts have been known to be stronger and last longer.  Resin based parts that are cured with a UV light will typically degrade faster, especially if exposed to high temperatures, humidity, and sunlight.

  1. Are colors available?

Yes, colors are available.  Most printers produce parts using a mono (single) color while others have the capability to use the full spectrum of colors to produce multi-colored parts.

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