What 3D Printing Means for Small Business

3D printing is wowing entrepreneurs and enthusiasts because of its extreme flexibility. It has applications for almost any industry or field” (Yahoo Small Business).

Small businesses have found that 3D printing has not only helped on a per product basis, but overall it has made them much more competitive in the marketplace. Below are four ways in which 3D printing benefits small business:

  1. Prototyping: You can now have a sketch in the morning of a product idea and by the end of the day, you can hold that product prototype in your hands. Yes this IS possible! 3D printing has simplified and streamlined the prototyping process for businesses. When you are able to modify your product design and prototype in a matter of a week or so, sending the final design to the manufacturer just became that much easier.
  2. Personal Customization: 3D printing allows you to personalize renderings and products for each individual consumer. You are able to use different materials, tweak the product design and add additional customized features so that you provide your customer with exactly what they are envisioning. “Imagine people tweeting or sharing their personally customized version of your product that fits them perfectly. A business could easily market the base design for a product, and tout its customizability to consumers everywhere” (Yahoo Small Business).
  3. Manufacturing: Cutting out the “middle man” on short production runs means that your business will be able to get your product to your consumer much faster and at a lower cost. Also, consider this, in the future a business might also be able to offer their product designs to consumers through a purchasing process so that consumers can download the CAD file and print out their own product at home.
  4. Leveling the Playing Field: 3D printing allows small businesses to take on larger corporations in their field because of the quick product turn around times and increased flexibility. “There are a ton of companies, from one- and two-person organizations to sub-100-person organizations, that actually make themselves competitive with the 10,000-pound gorilla in their particular marketplace because of the advantages they get with 3D printing,” says Bruce Bradshaw, marketing director of Objet” (Entrepreneur). Not all large corporations have been quick to adapt 3D printing technology, and thus they have left themselves vulnerable to smaller and much more flexible businesses that are embracing the technology.

The efficiency of 3D printing has transformed business and will continue to have an ever expanding impact as the technology evolves and becomes more mainstream.

If you are interested in learning more about 3D printing and the advantages it can have on your business, contact us at info@3d-innovations.com and would be more than happy to discuss this with you!



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May 2024

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