What is 3D Digital Design? A Closer Look at the Technology

Exploring the world of 3d digital design for product development3D digital design is where we start in terms of the product development timeline. After the initial product idea is brought to us by the inventor, we then take their idea and transform it into a 3D digital design. This 3D design allows us to refine and develop a manufacturable design.

3D Digital Design Adds Efficiency to Product Development

A 3D digital design is one simple way to streamline the entire product development process. “Not only does 3D modeling help the designers and end users visualize space requirements, but also improves drawing efficiency and accuracy. 3D modeling for design allows the designer to see what they would not see when designing in 2D.” (Plus Group) With a digital design you can:

  • Validate the design
  • Test the design
  • Evaluate form, fit & functionality
  • Verify tolerances, loads & stresses
  • Optimize manufacturability

A professional 3D digital design will make the transition into manufacturing much smoother. These digital files are beneficial for the patent process as well—for both provisional and non-provisional patent applications. Taking the time early on during product development to refine, test and validate your design virtually will save both time and money later on.

Interest in 3D Digital Design is Growing

Where once 3D digital design was used mainly by engineering, IT and design professionals, interest in it has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. Software companies have seen a steady rise in 3D design software interest right alongside the evolution of 3D printing.

A few popular 3D modeling programs include:

  • AutoCad
  • Blender
  • SketchUp
  • Zbrush

These programs are a great starting spot for people interested in 3D design and students interested in furthering their STEM education. “3D modeling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art education. However, it really is just a digital approach to drawing, painting, and sculpting. And like any other art form, it is an excellent outlet for artistic creativity. Furthermore, with the increasing affordability of 3D printers and easy-to-use 3D design software, much like a painting or sculpture that is tangible, students are able to bring their 3D creations to life.” (eLearning Industry)

It is important to note that while there is a growing list of 3D digital design software available, there is also a steep learning curve when it comes to using the technology in a professional setting, such as developing a product. When it comes to design for manufacturability, we highly suggest working with a professional to refine your design.

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