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3D Academy is your STEM education partner.STEM education is a popular education topic and it’s making great strides in schools across the globe. Our 3D Academy team has seen first-hand the positive impact STEM education has on children of all ages. Students that are exposed to STEM subjects early-on are learning much more than just science, technology, engineering and math—they are learning critical thinking skills, design thinking and team collaboration to name a few. Below we are sharing more STEM education facts.

We have a passion for STEM education and wanted to share some of our most popular STEM related blog posts with you.

The Baby Toon – From Science Fair to Shark Tank

Our client, The Baby Toon, was featured on the Season 11 Premiere of Shark Tank and was able to successfully secure a deal with Lori Greiner. Inventor of The Baby Toon, Cassidy Crowley (age 10), and her family have been on this startup journey for three years now and watching it culminate with a deal on Shark Tank was certainly a highlight for them and us. We had a chance to talk with Cassidy and her mom, Lori, to discuss the entire experience and share their favorite memories with us.

Entrepreneurship Needs STEM Education

A quick glance inside of a STEM focused classroom will show a range of design possibilities to the same question posed by the teacher. Students love to think critically and use their creativity—much like entrepreneurs. Getting hands-on and designing a solution is what entrepreneurs do best.

STEM education is more than four subjects, it’s a mindset. The skills taught in STEM classes can be used in any career field—especially, entrepreneurship.

The Changing Landscape of STEM Education

Technological advancements coupled with vocal industry proponents, have successfully transformed the way STEM education is taught. This is great news, because the long-term benefits of STEM are profound on students’ future career success—whether in a STEM field, or not.

The Long-Term Benefits of a STEM Education

STEM teaches valuable life skills. Technology is transforming the landscape of our lives—in today’s global marketplace there is no substitute for a strong STEM education background as you enter the workforce. In this post we discuss STEM education facts about the benefits of the curriculum outside of the classroom.

3D Academy

Our 3D Academy is your STEM education partner. We specialize in developing and integrating industry technologies with STEM education and can build custom programs for your classroom or school. We understand that closing the STEM skills gap takes effort from both academia and professionals in the field, and we are happy to work with schools to bring hands-on and project-based opportunities to students.


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