3D Printing Sets the Foundation for Entrepreneurship

There is no question that startups have taken off and grown immensely over the last decade. In Silicon Valley alone, startups total GDP (gross domestic product) comes to a whopping $535 billion; to put that into perspective, the GDP average for North America is $430 billion. This single area hosts between 14,000 and 19,000 active startups. In essence, entrepreneurship is “cool” again.

prototype-3d-printing-innovations-100Today entrepreneurs and startups have more resources at their finger tips than previous generations. Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is one resource available today that is making an immense difference for entrepreneurs. This single technology has laid the foundation for many small businesses. 3D printing is lowering barriers to entry, reducing time to market, all while making small scale manufacturing affordable. Currently, 3D printing is overwhelming used for design validation, prototyping and testing. However, as the technology advances, so do the applications for it.

3D printing and 3D modeling software have made entrepreneurship more accessible. With these two technologies combined it is possible to come up with a great idea and in a matter of days hold that idea in your hand. The speed in which individuals are able to act on a single idea, and turn that idea into a viable consumer product is astonishing.  While being an entrepreneur can be challenging, 3D printing is one tool streamlining innovation and making it that much easier.

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July 2024

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