Becoming Our Featured ‘Product of the Week’

Here at 3D Innovations we love finding and sharing new (and awesome) products. In fact, we love it so much that each week we feature one of these products in our weekly Product of the Week blog post. We have featured a range of technology related products, everything from Skybuds wireless earbuds to the BumBee Seat. So far we have featured over seventy different Kickstarter products in our weekly posts and assisted many of those in reaching their funding goals.

Products featured in our weekly post not only get a write-up on our company blog, but we also share the product on all of our social media channels. That means the product is getting in front quite a few eyes and potential backers. We are true believers in the power of crowdfunding, and want to do our part in helping get these innovative products to market.

We are always on the hunt for products to feature! If you would like us to feature your product or you have come across one that you would like to share with us, please e-mail a short description and link to the crowdfunding website No campaign or product is too big or small!


3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

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May 2024

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