Crowdsourcing: Insight from 3D Innovations’ Collin Kobayashi

Crowdsourcing can be a great way to launch and get your product idea off the ground.  While this method of fundraising and collaboration has some particular issues that have become hot topics lately, the right project could successfully benefit from this newly mainstream process.

Crowdsouring has worked best when Inventors or Entrepreneurs seek funding for their innovative ideas or projects.  Using the various crowdsourcing sites that exist, Inventors can post images, videos, and design data to display the products that they are trying to develop.  If the right idea is desirable, many will support the idea in hopes of it being developed and introduced to the market.  One of the benefits for the Entrepreneur is that they are able to in a sense “pre-sell” their idea to test  the market’s interest before investing and jumping into the large manufacturing process.  This provides them with an opportunity to have a large focus group to see the product and provide feedback which can be used to improve the design and functionality.  While there are a few downsides to using crowdsourcing for this process, the benefits of have potential customers pay for the products design and manufacturing seem to outweigh all of the other concerns.

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May 2024

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