Developing a Product and Starting a Business? First, Start Here.

Here we discuss developing a product idea and the basics for the launch of your startup.You are ready to build that product idea you have been dreaming about and launch your startup, but you aren’t exactly sure where to start. Start here! This blog post touches on the very first steps of product development, intellectual property protection and debunking common myths that often cause entrepreneurs to pause with hesitation.

How to Turn Your Product Idea into a Startup

It may not seem like right now is the best time to develop your product idea and start a new business, but it can be. That idea you have been thinking about for months could be the next big startup. Microsoft, Airbnb, Disney, FedEx and GE were all started during economic turmoil and downturns. These successful businesses span markets and customers, and on the outside do not necessarily seem related; however, a closer look shows that they are successful today because of their resilient founders.

Debunking Three Common Startup Myths

When you dive into the world of startups you soon realize that there are quite a few myths out there that span geography, industries and products. These myths are widely believed and are often disguised as loose ‘facts’.

The Importance of Prototyping During Product Development

A prototype is a tangible representation of your idea and it is a necessary step in the product development process. It can be viewed as an experimental model of your idea that is then used to test or validate design and usability aspects of it. Prototypes can be fast and rough during the start of the product development process or more formal with a functional prototype as you progress through the development stages.

Intellectual Property — Protecting Your Idea and Invention

intellectual property is a key component when it comes to product development and commercialization. Whether you are talking about trademarks or patents, your startup needs to start early when it comes to intellectual property. “IP is becoming more important than ever, as it is the bedrock of invention driving the innovation that is improving lives and disrupting every industry out there.” (Forbes)

The Power of Design Patent Protection for Inventors

A design patent focuses on the exterior design, features and overall aesthetics of the product. By protecting the exterior of your product with design patents you drastically reduce knockoff and secondary market opportunities.

When it comes to having a strong patent strategy, utility and design patents go hand-in-hand.

Starting a Business During a Pandemic | What You Need to Know

Entire industries are being re-designed while others are making their initial splash during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is a great time to break into an industry with an innovative new product.

When to Reach Out for Product Development Assistance

Taking a product idea from conception to commercialization is full of challenges, and having an expert help guide the process can be immensely beneficial.

Developing a product and preparing to launch your startup is an exhilarating adventure. If you are ready to get going but still have a few questions, send us an email at


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