When to Reach Out for Product Development Assistance

When to reach out for product development assistanceWe meet with entrepreneurs during all stages of product development that find themselves at a “sticking point” and in need of guidance. Taking a product idea from conception to commercialization is full of challenges, and having an expert help guide the process can be immensely beneficial.

So, when is the best time to reach out for product development assistance?

The short answer: During the design phase of product development. (The earlier the better.)

By reaching out early-on and connecting with a product development expert you are not only going to shorten the entire development timeline but also save money. During the design phase an expert will be able to guide you on designing for manufacturability, provide technical insight on material selection and work with you on prototypes for testing purposes.

A product development expert is seen as your partner as you bring your product to market. They are there to provide their knowledge and expertise. This is extremely beneficial if you are a first-time entrepreneur who is not exactly familiar with prototypes, intellectual property, manufacturing facilities, packaging requirements etc.

 What do I bring to our first product development meeting?

First, compile and gather all the information you have written, sketched or developed about your product idea. Whether you have post-it notes, napkin sketches, a prototype made from household items or your own CAD file, we are going to want to see them.

Next, take a moment to write down your product requirements. For example:

  • What is the exact function of your product?
  • How does it need to work?
  • What is your product expected to accomplish?

Finally, think about your budget. Whether you have an exact budget in mind or a budget estimate, it’s always good to know what you are comfortable investing in your product. On our side, knowing and understanding your budget will let us tailor services to fit your needs.

This information will provide valuable insight into your idea and how best we can assist you on turning your product idea into reality.

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