Developing Your Idea from Concept to Product

How we provide product development assistance when you develop your idea from concept to product.Developing an idea from concept to product is exciting. However, the product development process isn’t always clear cut and it is advantageous to work with skilled experts that can help guide you on the journey and avoid potential roadblocks.

Product Design

We have seen it all from napkin sketches to homemade prototypes. Communicating your design is one of the first steps of the product development process. Where once a CAD model of your product was seen more as a “bonus”, in today’s product development world it is a definite need.

A CAD file is either a digital 2D or 3D model of your product. With this model you are able to test your design and easily make modifications at this stage of development. When you start reaching out to manufacturers, most of the time they will ask to see your 3D design before moving forward with a manufacturing consultation and quote.

In addition, having a comprehensive 3D design of your product idea will help communicate it effectively to an intellectual property attorney. The attorney will be able to see the functionality and aesthetics of your product—which will ultimately help guide your IP strategy.

How we help: Our team is highly skilled in CAD and can turn that sketch into a professional product design for you.


A prototype is a great way to get a feel for your actual product. It takes it off the computer screen and puts the design into the palm of your hands. Also, a functional prototype is a great way to solicit feedback from potential customers to make sure that your product is in line with what they are looking for.

If you plan on looking for outside funding, having a functional prototype for potential investors is advantageous. It is one thing to pitch a product from a PowerPoint presentation, but a completely different experience to let people hold it and try it out themselves during a pitch.

How we help: 3D printing is a widely popular prototyping method that we use frequently, however, there are other methods as well. We will work with you to decide what method makes the most sense for your product based on your design and needs.


Finding a manufacturing partner is a major hurdle for many entrepreneurs and startups. COVID-19 further reshaped the manufacturing sector, posing even more challenges. The pandemic made businesses rethink their manufacturing strategy and many even decided to re-shore their manufacturing efforts, which often resulted in higher costs but more stable distribution timelines. Figuring out what type of manufacturer makes the most financial and logistical sense for your individual product is no small feat.

How we help: Over time we have built relationships with manufacturing partners both domestically and internationally and will be able to help guide you on the process.

As a product development firm, we provide guidance to you as you work to turn an idea from concept to product. Whether you need help with a portion of product development or the entirety of it, we can assist.

If you have an idea and need to bring it to life, send us an email at or reach us by phone at +1-808-722-8667

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