Engineering A Better Future

We recently posted a video to our 3D Innovations Twitter page from AutoDesk “Wouldn’t it be cool if… you could engineer a better world?” and we received a lot of retweets and likes. This got us thinking about the power of the message. Many of the people passing this video along were not necessarily “engineers” but they all had a unified and common bond of wanting to build a better world.

In the video you are intoruced to inventor Saul Griffith  and he asks whether engineers fully realize how big their influence on the world can be. He challenges all engineers, designers and makers to stretch their notions of what is possible, and to tackle environmental challenges with rigor and ingenuity. He encourages us all to treat everything in life as a little engineering problem: to keep moving, thinking, and dreaming up big ideas.

So now we are posing the question to you, How would you engineer a better world? You don’t have to be an engineer to answer this…I am sure there are students and professionals in other fields out there that have some great ideas and we would love to hear them!