A Manufacturing Success Story

NIST MEPWe are extremely excited and honored to be considered a “success story” in Hawaii by the national Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). There are over 940 state success stories shared on the MEP website and 12 of those are from Hawaii.

What is the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP)? “MEP is a part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a U.S. Department of Commerce agency. MEP been committed to strengthening U.S. manufacturing, continually evolving to meet the changing needs of manufacturers since 1988. Through its services and partnerships it has had a profound impact on the growth of well-paying jobs, the development of dynamic manufacturing communities, and the enhancement of American innovation and global competitiveness.” (Learn more about MEP on the official website.)

The small business community in Hawaii is continuously growing and thriving; we feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such dedicated entrepreneurs. We would also like to thank our local MEP center, INNOVATE Hawaii, for the continued guidance, assistance and access to both local and national resources that have helped 3D Innovations succeed.

Please click here to read the 3D Innovations MEP Success Story.


3D Innovations is a full service 3D Engineering/Design company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

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June 2024

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