Personal Product Customization & 3D Printing

In 2012 we really saw a rise in personal customization…everything from the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. Consumers are driven by customization, it is human nature to want to stand out from the crowd. 2013 will be no different. The increase of interest in 3D printing for both personal customization and business product customization is going to continue to skyrocket this year.

Currently many consumers are familiar with 3D printing, but besides creating some small toys, people don’t understand how this industry can be very useful in their everyday lives. As the industry grows and matures we are going to see this perception shrink because 3D printers will be able to customize items that people never even considered (i.e. the knob on the dishwasher broke and instead of going out and buying a replacement, just print it).

Luckily, businesses are past this narrow perspective and have embraced 3D printing technology and the ability to customize products for consumers. Over the holidays Ford made news by gifting each engineer with a 3D printer. Ford understands the importance of the technology and how it will soon help drive their business. Small businesses and entrepreneurs understand that having a functional product prototype built before sending their design on to manufacturing saves a great deal of time and resources. This type of personal customization is making business much more efficient and consumer friendly.

We must admit that we respect and agree with the conclusion reached at the MIT Smart Customization Seminar in 2012, “Customization will be one of the most important aspects of living and conducting business in the coming decades.”


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