Popular 3D Printing & STEM Education News (December 10th – December 14th)

As another week wraps up we are reminded that 3D printing is an ever changing technology that is constantly testing the limits of innovation. Just by glancing at the news sources for the popular 3D printing articles this week, we see that this technology has moved out of the realm of “hobbyists” only and into the mainstream news. Again, we look forward to the evolution of 3D printing and what changes we will see in the technology as 2013 (quickly) approaches.

3D Printing News:

STEM Education News:

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I don t see why the people mniakg the printers will care much about brand-names anyway. They make money by saleing the printers, if the value of brands does go down, I dont see why they should care.It would be like saying that regular 2d printers wouldn t catch on untill the magazine companys find a way to make money with them.I think 3D printing will very much go mainstream, but it will follow much the trends of normal printers and take a few decades for it to be in a typical home. I do see 3d print-shops becoming more common first, and where the material propertys fit, it will be used more and more in specialist shops and garages.( I could order that official part for your car, and you d have to pay $300 and wait three weeks ..or I could print one of now for you and it will be ready in a day for $90 )


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