Product Design: Custom Electronic Sensor [Case Study]


The challenge: Develop and prototype a custom circuit sensor application.

3D Innovations was contacted to assist in the product design and development of a custom circuit board sensor device prototype. The exact application was to measure specific amounts of units through an on board sensor that would store and transmit the data to a cloud storage system.

custom circuit board design

Using the client’s requirements, the 3D Innovations team was able to produce a schematic design to develop the circuit layout and determine Bill of Materials (BOM) requirements and the associated cost. Gerber files were generated and used for the manufacturing process. While the option of 3D printing the circuits was available, the conventional method for fabrication and assembly was utilized.

Integrating best practices for PCB design, development cost was reduced by 230% and prototypes were built in several weeks, saving 3-4 weeks in lead time. UL and FCC certifications were conducted to ensure testing compliance and approval. A production ready design was then delivered for manufacturing.

Results: A product ready design was delivered for manufacturing, while development costs were reduced by 230%, saving 3-4 weeks in lead time.

“Working with 3D Innovations, our sensor device was able to come to life and allowed for a quicker market introduction.”


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