Product of the Week: Orange Screw Ground Anchor

The Orange Screw is the ultimate ground anchor and your new outside adventure companion. “Orange Screws will secure pets; anchor RV awnings; hold tarps over boats, ATVs and firewood; as well as ensure tents and sunshades stay put.” This ground anchor can be used in any environment, and its design ensures that it is capable of orangescrewwithstanding unpredictable weather conditions. Those wind gusts are no longer an issue when your tent is secured with the Orange Screw.

In terms of its product design, the Orange Screw is made with 100% recycled materials, completely rust proof and manufactured here in the United States. Also, the Orange Screw comes in two different sizes to meet your various outdoor needs. It’s light-weight and compact size makes it easy to add to your backpack or camping gear for your next adventure.

Learn more about the Orange Screw Ground Anchor on Kickstarter or the official website.


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