Your Product Development Meeting Checklist

When it comes to the first product development meeting many people are not quite sure what to expect. That is why we have created a Product Development Meeting checklist to help you gather your product information so you feel prepared when you meet with a professional designer or design team. Having an overview of what you will discuss in the meeting will also give you time to prepare beforehand.

Bring all of your visuals.

You scheduled your initial meeting and now it is time to prepare. First, compile and gather all the information you have written, sketched, or developed about your product idea. Whether you have post-it notes, napkin sketches, a prototype made of household items or your own CAD file, we are going to want to see them.

Know your budget.

Whether you have an exact budget in mind or a budget estimate, it’s always good to know what you are comfortable investing in your product. On the design side, knowing and understanding your budget will let the designer tailor services to fit your needs.

Familiarize yourself with intellectual property.

You do not need to come into the first meeting with an intellectual property strategy in mind but do familiarize yourself with the terminology and your thoughts on patent protections. Having an understanding of trademarks, copyrights, patents etc. will let the designer get a better feel on where you plan to go with this product idea.

Bring your questions.

The product development process is unique for each product idea, and we know you are going to have questions. The days before your meeting, jot questions down as they come to you.

Also, if you are more comfortable with a Non-Disclosure Agreement, this is something to bring along as well. In the product development field they are common and the majority of product designers have no problem signing one.

We all like to be prepared and comfortable going into an initial meeting and we want to help. Below is a Product Development Meeting checklist for you to think about and print.

3D Innovations product development checklist for first meeting.


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