Product of the Week: Aumi Night Light

Night lights are a staple in many children’s rooms and throughout the entire house. The Aumi is a completely redesigned and re-imagined night light. “Aumi is the smartest Night Light you’ll ever own. It’s a Bluetooth enabled, portable, multi-colored nightlight that you control with your smart phone or tablet.” The simplicity of its design along with features make Amui truly innovative.

aumiAumi at a glance…

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE/Smart (iOS & Android)
  • Automatic: Sensor can be use to turn light on automatically when dark, or off when it’s daylight.
  • Timers: Use timers to turn off or dim light, set reminders.
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lipo battery, up to 8 -10  hours of light per charge. Stays on when power goes out.
  • Lighting: High quality RGB LED’s – allow over 16 million color choices. Light brightness is fully adjustable.
  • Responsive: Manually adjust the brightness or turn the unit on and off with simple intuitive controls.

Aumi is a night light but also serves as portable lighting, since it is equipped with a rechargeable battery. This feature makes it ideal for children and anyone who might require extra light around the house after dark. The low profile design of Aumi (0.8 inch width) also means that when it is plugged in, it’s not obtrusive and less likely to accidentally get knocked out of the wall. We know that we say it time and again, but some of the most innovative products out there are simply upgraded and redesigned products we all use on a daily basis, the Aumi included.

Learn more about Aumi on Kickstarter or the official website.


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June 2024

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