Product of the Week: BlocksCAD

BlocksCAD is a “Kickstarter Staff Pick” and we can see why… This open-sourced 3D CAD program for students is a quick, easy and intuitive STEM education tool. As an engineering firm we understand the importance of teaching children the fundamentals early in order to pique their interest during formative years. BlocksCAD gives elementary school students the ability to dream up an object, model it and then print it on a 3D printer… Making the product design process fun and interactive!

blocksCADWhat is BlocksCAD? “Imagine a drag-and-drop 3D Computer Aided Design and modeling tool designed for use by elementary-age children. Then give it the features, flexibility, and power of a professional-level program. That tool is BlocksCAD and it’s in use here at Einstein’s Workshop, a hands-on learning center and kids makerspace in the Boston area. With this tool, we’ve had enormous success teaching 3D design to children as young as 8. The interface is easy for developing minds to grasp, with interlocking blocks and sliders, simple shapes, and quick visual 3D feedback.”

Learn more about BlocksCAD on Kickstarter and the official website.

**This Kickstarter campaign ends on October 4th and needs help reaching their funding goal.**

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July 2024

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