Product of the Week: CYSPO OmniStation

The CYSPO OmniStation solves an issue that many of us experience daily, charging all of our devices. This product aims to eliminate those crowded power strips and make charging your devices seamless. What really makes this charging stations stand out from the crowd is the fact that it can charge both wired and wireless devices at one time.

“Manage all of your chargeable devices with a single easy to use charging station. Charge cell phones, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, eBook readers, tablets and more. The OmniStation can charge all of your devices without tangled wires, without creating messy outlets, and without having to unplug one charger to use another.”


“The OmniStation provides 6 customizable USB ports with interchangeable adapters, you can switch to your own cables with varying lengths for more charging flexibility. We have updated the Charging port so each one will be able to output 2.4A max for faster charging.”

You can learn more about the design process of the OmniStation on Kickstarter. You can also follow the company on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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May 2024

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